Heating Your Pool Efficiently This Season

Heating your swimming pool goes a long way to enhancing and extending its enjoyment. But the cost of keeping it warm and inviting needs a big deal of power and many traditional pool heating systems are insufficient and inadequate as far as energy costs are concerned.

Prolongs your swimming seasons

Installation of more environmental friendly and efficient energy source reduces the high power bill and prolongs your swimming seasons. This is particularly true in case a pool owner takes advantage of the free sunshine and uses a solar heater for his or her pool.

Misplaced concern

The sun provides one of the most environmentally conscious and cost effective methods of heating swimming pools water, as long as its power is harnessed, fetched and supplied appropriately. While some pool owners want to benefit from the sun, they do not want to buy solar pool heaters that have mats or panels. Their concern is about the holes in the rooftops, community restrictions and appearance. Well some would think that the sunshine is only useful when basking in it after a swimming session, but you can admit that this under utilization of the free resource.

Harnessing the hot air

It is possible to reap all the advantages of solar pool heaters without the use of panels, by harnessing the hot air that is generated by the sun in an attic. This hot air can then be transferred into the pool in a very cheap and cost effective manner.

Roof is converted into a very big solar energy collector

When the sunshine is present (of course this comes with the appearance of the sun), your house roof is converted into a very big solar energy collector, which makes the attic hot. A solar heater, and inside the attic will in turn use the hot attic air to provide heat energy for heating your swimming pool. Cool water from the swimming pool is driven to the heater (through the force of pressure); it is warmed by the heat exchanger and automatically driven back into the swimming pool. The process is repeated until the desired water temperature is achieved.

Value addition

This easy to install and low-cost system provides all the advantages associated with a solar heated swimming pool, with no panels on your rooftops or at your backyard. Consequently, it adds value to your home, property and pool and at the same time reduces utility costs.

Save 500 dollars

As a pool owner, you can save approximately 500 dollars every month in your general power expenses, for just ten dollars per month. And because the system can cool the attic and heat the pool at the same time, you will reduce the cost of power needed to run your home’s air conditioning system by almost twenty to thirty percent.